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Written by Bl4ckSkull666
At 19.07.2016 by 08:34 Clock
Result of Head Hunting Event
Hello Community, Hello Guests,

the result of the head-hunting is certain. Altogether 235 heads are submitted. And has been in the drop chance in our opinion, a complete success.

Here are now the winners:

The 3rd place has Mausiii04 secured with 45 Enderdragon heads. Congratulations.

On the 2nd place with 50 Enderdragon heads is landed Teifelangel successfully. Congratulations.

The 1st place with around 53 Enderdragon heads got off a whopping belly landing to DarkPrinc3ss. Congratulations to the first place.

A list of all other participants:
- HauDasWeg & Keksteifel ( 30 Enderdragon heads )
- Wurmi2011 ( 25 Enderdragon heads )
- Sophia1972 ( 24 Enderdragon heads )
- mallestyle18 & PapaHarni ( 4 Enderdragon heads )

As a little extra gain, each participant receives per 10 Enderdragons heads still 10,000 Coins.

We thank all participants who have participated in this event and look forward to the next event.

The AngelZMineCraft Team
i.o. Bl4ckSkull666
Written by Bl4ckSkull666
At 11.07.2016 by 21:18 Clock
Head Hunting

The AngelZmineCraft Team

i.o. Bl4ckSkull666
Written by Bl4ckSkull666
At 02.07.2016 by 14:36 Clock
Update to 1.10.